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About this project

This blog, originally started in 2013, is my attempt to write the stories of my family. It’s the place where I can ponder what might have brought the Clymers from Tennessee into the Bootheel of Missouri, why the Mariats left France and how the Civil War affected my ancestors day-to-day.

I hope to spend some time writing the facts of these ancestors’ lives, and also focusing my research and posing new questions.

It took the death of my mother and grandfather for me to realize that the roots and connections that tie us together in familial relationship are fleeting. I started researching as much of my family history as I could in the months after my mother’s death in 2007.

My maternal grandfather, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years earlier, had truly been the family historian. He had boxes of old photos and knew all the stories behind them. He could rattle of the names and family lineages of ancestors going back decades. I missed a great opportunity by not recording more of those stories from him.

So, after his death, I felt the need to dig even deeper into my family history. It easier to start with my mother’s side of the family because I had a lot of  information to begin with. And, I discovered more connections and stories — and made connections with relatives — as I researched. Since then I’ve branched out to my dad’s side of the family and found five generations of families who called Missouri home.

I’ve had so much fun doing all this that entire weeks of my life have been consumed by little mysteries and quests to find documents that prove a date of birth or death. I hope that by writing more about my family roots, I can solidify my research and connect the events of history to the events and people in my family tree.


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