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About me

I am a busy mom and wife, a journalism professor and a wanna-be vegetable gardener who fell into a love of family lore. I have been researching my lineage since 2007, but without many firsthand accounts since my grandfather and mother have both passed away. Not many other folks in the family kept records but I’ve inherited a rich collection of photographs that keeps me searching for clues as to who’s pictured, where and when.


Laura Johnston

I write from Columbia, Mo., and have family roots that go back five generations in the Show-Me State. Despite this history, the mystery remains as to why any of my ancestors left their home countries (France and Ireland primarily) and established farmsteads in  Missouri and its neighboring states.

I started this blog to help me track my genealogical research and as a way to take part in the Family History Writing Challenge. My goal is to write at least 250 words every day during the month of February as a means of disciplining myself about my research and writing. UPDATE: I didn’t make the 2013 challenge so I’m trying again in 2014. This time it’s 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. Here’s where I got the idea.


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