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52 Ancestors #27: Mabel Velma Loveland

I’m trying to catch up on my challenge a bit after a few busy weeks of the summer.
This post is about Mabel Loveland, my paternal great-grandmother.
I don’t know that much about her or even what she looked like. So now I’m on a hunt to find a cousin or relative who might have some pictures.
I re-discovered a book by Juanita Coats Peck that lists the descendants of William Coats of Halifax, Va., which includes my family line. The book includes photocopies of pictures (but there are none of Mabel) but doesn’t say anything about when or where they were taken or by whom.
So, back to what I do know about Mabel Loveland Coats.
She was born Aug. 21, 1909, in Arkansas, the daughter of Ora and Nettie Loveland. She was the youngest of four children. Her siblings were Evert, Curtis and Myrtle Coats.
According to the 1910 U.S. Census, she was living in Benton, Christian County, Mo., with her family. It’s likely she also was living near some relatives of her father’s, but I’ve not clarified that information.
Mabel married Fay Coats at Lawrence County, Arkansas, in 1930, She was 20 years old.
The couple had three children: Betty Sue, Elmer and Dinah.
Apparently, Mabel and Fay divorced. Both remarried and continued living in Arkansas.
Mabel married a man by the name of Snyder in 1960. Fay married Alta Whitmire, whom I remember seeing on visits to my aunt Dinah’s in Arkansas. (I’ll need to add her as a second wife in my family tree for Fay Coats, I now realize.)
Mabel died Sept. 18, 1967, in Arkansas. I have no idea where she is buried, but likely in the Walnut Ridge, Ark., area.


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