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52 Ancestors #19: Sophia Mairat (Marah)

Francis and Sophia Tyrey

Sophia Tyrey was born Jan. 2, 1844, in Washington County, Mo., the second child of French-immigrant parents.
Her parents had emigrated from France and settled in Washington County, Mo. Her father worked in the mines there.
Sophie and the family lived for a time in Richwoods, Mo. She was one of 10 children born to Donat and Adelle Seraphine Mairat. She was baptized April 20, 1845, in St. Joachim Church.

She married Francis Tyrey at age 20. Together they had 10 children; she buried at least four of them — two in 1873 — before her own death.
Sophia died Nov. 2, 1910, of pneumonia, as recorded on her death certificate. She was 66 years old.
However, she was counted on the 1910 census, living in Big River with her husband and two sons.



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