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52 Ancestors #4: Hixie Garner Clymer

This post could be subtitled the “Mystery of the Move.”

While I love discovering historical documents and references to back up the family stories I’ve heard about my ancestors, I really wish I could just interview a few of them to get the missing details and motivations.
Hixie Garner Clymer (though it could be Climer as I’m not sure of the family spelling) would definitely be on my list.
She moved her family to Missouri from Hickman County, Tennessee, in 1857, about seven years after her husband, Andrew, died.
That sounds like quite a feat to me and I’d love to know more about how and why she chose Commerce.

  • What prompted their move?
  • Were their other relatives in Missouri?
  • Was the farmland more fertile? Did they get more land for a cheaper price?
  • And, if you don’t have any connections to the new place — at least I can’t find that she did — how do you decide where to start over after your husband’s death?

I have lots of questions for her about raising seven children, too. Her children were May, Charles, Nancy, John D. Samuel, James and Lewis. And I really want to know more about her younger sons, all of whom fought in the Civil War ā€” some for Missouri, and some for Tennessee.
I imagine that this woman would have been a great interview, full of ripe stories and funny anecdotes.
An excerpt from the “History of Scott County, Mo.,” by Royal E. Ford says: “This family’s roots reach back through North Carolina and Virginia to Bristol, England.”
My research doesn’t quite extend that far, but I did piece together the family’s move to the rich farmlands of Commerce, Mo., using census records on Ancestry.com.
Hixie ā€” or maybe spelled Hixey ā€” was born sometime around 1815 in Tennessee. One census records indicates it could have been as early as 1809.
She married her husband, Andrew, in 1833 in Tennessee. He died in 1850.
In 1857, the family has relocated to Commerce.
Hixie will continue to live as head of the household on the family farm until 1880. She is counted in the census that year and records indicate she died within the year.
I wish I could discover more — and just might by looking at some county records and farm deeds — to see what else I might learn about this woman and her life.


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