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The cast of characters

If I start to think of my family tree as the cast of characters in a story, then perhaps it’s easier to start with some basic introductions. I’ve done the most research — and have the most documentation — on my mother’s side of the family so I’ll begin there.

Here’s the list of people you’re likely to meet in my family history story:

  • Robert Simpson who married Mary Wiles. She was his second wife, I believe, and her lineage is Irish.
  • Joseph Joel Simpson married Emma Chandler. They are the parents of my great-grandfather, Aaron Lloyd Simpson.
  • Aaron Lloyd Simpson married Amy Ruth Duckworth (she was raised by Clymers). They are the parents of my grandfather, Harold Leroy Simpson.

I’ve decided not to include my parents for the purpose of this blog and to simply start back a generation.

Many of these people have siblings, and I’ll certainly try to include information about them as well.

And, I do have information on the families of the women as well, so that’s a bit of a bonus.



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