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Getting started — a bit later than I expected

I meant to begin posting on this blog on Feb. 1 as part of the Family History Writing Challenge, but I’m a bit behind.I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to catch up, so I’m just going to move on and begin. I don’t have a clear outline in mind, but hope to be able to organize my thoughts and begin making sense of what geneaology research I’ve already completed.

JC Clymer family, 1900

JC Clymer family, circa 1900, in Commerce, Mo.

I don’t remember exactly when I got interested in learning more about my family history. Maybe it was sometime in fifth grade or so when I had to complete a family tree as part of a class project. Maybe it was sparked by the presence of the photograph at the left. This picture of J.C.  and Maggie Jane Clymer and their family used to hang in the hallway of my childhood home. It was accompanied by a few other family photos of relatives from years gone by.

J.C. “Jonah” and Maggie Jane Clymer, or Mam and Pap as my grandfather called them, are my great-great-great-grandparents. Although my grandfather, Harold Simpson, considered them more as grandparents than great-grandparents, they actually are the grandparents of his mother, Amy Ruth Duckworth Simpson, who is my great-grandmother.

Pictured here is the family: J.C. and Maggie (seated). I believe that my great-grandmother, Amy Ruth Duckworth, is the child on Maggie’s lap. Her mother, Bessie, is in the center. The toddler on J.C. lap would likely be Margaret or Mag, as she was known in the family. The boys are James, Herman and John Logan. Edna would be born about three years later.

I remember lots of times my grandfather would tell stories about going to see Mam and Pap on the farm. Yet, there are lots of facts about their life that I don’t know. I’ve done enough research to know that J.C. was married twice; Maggie is his second wife. His first wife and several of his children died earlier and are buried in a family plot on a farm between Kelso, Mo., and Commerce, Mo.

I’m sure to be posting more photos and stories about individual people whose lineage I have researched as this project continues.

And I’ll likely be posting more questions and research puzzles I’ve yet to solve so stay tuned.


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